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A history of values

Founded in 1936 by Don Enrique and Doña Lola together with their children, who began with the poultry activity in the backyard of their house in Colonia San José, province of Entre Ríos. They were the ones who passed to us the values ​​and passion for what we do every day.

Farmers are a major pillar

There are more than 200 farming families throughout the Province of Entre Ríos who work every day at taking care of chickens, while projecting their own and collective growth.

Investing in the future


More than 200 enterprises of our own and  from independent families of farmers.


More than 2,500 jobs, directly and indirectly, in administrative, production, maintenance and logistics along Argentina.


Permanent support for local training and professionalization.

“At Las Camelias we seek the best for our people and for them to feel part of this great family.”

100% tobacco
smoke free

With this policy we protect the health of our workers and we are committed to the well-being of the population.

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