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First our chickens

At Las Camelias, the welfare of our chickens is of paramount importance to us and we understand their care as a process of continuous improvement. We care about giving them the best conditions, providing them with good quality air, light, water and food. This is reflected in the way we work both on our own farms and with our farmers. The result of this joint work is a careful and quality chicken.

Pessolani Ruben (11)


Our veterinarians visit the farms and check the health and sanitary conditions in which our chickens live daily, to ensure their well-being.

Quality Lab

Our specialists make the difference. Ensuring that our chickens receive the vitamins, proteins and minerals they need to grow strong.


Our farmers are part of a great team that care and give a very special treatment to our chickens, constantly monitoring their behavior and ensuring proper breeding.

Reschke Silvia Isabel (27)

The best quality is achieved with traceability

We have a barcode identification system that allows us to relate the information on breeding, inputs and the parameters of the production process. This tool allows us to demonstrate the quality and safety of our products and we can ensure it at all stages of our processes, backed by the implementation and certification of the HACCP standard.

Raised in Entre Rios

Our chickens are raised surrounded by nature, preserving the environment. Farms are distributed mostly in the center and north of the province of Entre Ríos.

Quality policies

No antibiotics

At Las Camelias we do not use any type of preventive antibiotics.

No hormones

Our chickens are free of growth hormones.

No added water

Our chickens contain no added water.